Who I am

Hi, This is Piergiorgio. Welcome to my website where you can get some info about me and about how to ask for a translation from English to Italian which is one of my language pair I’m experienced in.


My Backrgound

I’m a freelance translator occasionally working with translation agencies. In 2009 I got graduated at University of Languages and European Literature and soon I started my experience in this industry as in-house translator for a company which was partnering at that time with Microsoft. Proudly I can tell I translated heaps of online support pages for Microsoft and I took part of the team who translated the first Windows phone. 

My Mission

Today I offer translations from English to Italian for companies, agencies and whoever might need help for that. I can tell this is something that stimulates me every day as I was always passionate for languages.

How I realized my passion was translating

I had always some problems at school… I put too much effort in communication as I always tought no one gave to much importance in communicating the right way. I never refrain in pointing to my teachers that something was missing in their way of unleashing information to students who should be craving for those. In the end I gave up arguing because of their strict hands on my marks. But I never gave up thinking that communication is the first step for putting two persons in connection with each other. That’s the way I think a professional translation could help. And this is my goal.